Why Pat Cummins loves Mawde

by Fine Thought

Pat Cummins, had never heard of “sloungewear” – the happy marriage of sleep and loungewear - until he met MAWDE.

Now, the fast bowler and vice-Captain of the Australian national team, in all formats, isn’t just a huge fan, he’s a major investor in the brand.

“It was just different to anything I’d seen before. As an international cricketer, I live in hotel rooms, so I also live in trackie dacks and sweatshirts. I know comfort when I feel it!”

Pat is currently finishing two weeks in quarantine, so his MAWDE gear is getting a big workout.

“You can really live in it. It’s really the most comfortable, soft material, like being wrapped in super soft and silky, light and breathable material. Normal trackies and jumpers are just a lot heavier,” he says.

“That’s because it’s made from bamboo, which I’d never worn before. The other thing that attracted me to MAWDE is it has a much smaller carbon footprint than other fashion brands, it’s ethical and sustainable. And a big thing for me is it’s made locally, right here in Sydney, so the investment stays right here.”

He also loves the versatility of MAWDE gear. “I never really slept in pyjamas before, that’s not very cool,” he laughs. “But MAWDE is an amazing product, it stands up to the brand promise. It really looks great and you can wear it to bed, then pop on a fresh set, dress it up with some cool sneakers and a jacket, and wear it out to brunch, or whatever you want.”

Every time Pat wears his MAWDE gear out, his mates notice how different and great-looking it is, and it starts a conversation. “It confirms what we believe, it’s a genuinely different product and there’s a real appetite for a new, super-versatile category of clothing. It’s great to see it marketing itself!”

Pat’s partner, Becky, is pregnant with their first child and she’s living in MAWDE because of the warmth and comfort. “She’s loving the sweats, especially. She gets cold easily and the combination of lightness and warmth is really working for her.”

Pat’s favourite MAWDE product is the ROAM sweat “and I’m never out of them.”

“I’m excited about the future of the brand. This is just the start and we have big plans for what MAWDE can be. It’s been the perfect investment opportunity for me. It’s kind on the body and kind on the planet, it’s a revolutionary product and it’s really cool. What’s not to love?’  

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