MAWDE makes comfort look damn good.


Proudly Australian Made & Owned

By choosing MAWDE, you’re picking clothes that are proudly Australian made and owned here in Marrickville NSW. You’re putting local makers with global values first by keeping our threads and communities close-knit. Great choice.


MAWDE makes clothes you’ll want to be seen in. Super-soft, breathable threads that favour forward-thinking over dated dress-codes.

We’ll make you rethink, reduce, and repeat outfits for hangs, Zooms, and everything in between. And while we might come off as light-hearted (or even a little suggestive), MAWDE does have a serious side. All of our clothes are manufactured locally and stitched responsibly, keeping our communities close-knit. We use materials that are made to last, so they’re kind to your pocket and the planet.

MAWDE makes clothes you'll want to be seen in, with super-soft breathable threads you'll be sure to feel incredible inside and out.

What our customers are saying

“I was really thrilled to receive my MAWDE products and instantly realise that they live up to the their unique promise of being beautifully soft and luxuriously made. The fact that they are sustainable and locally made in a world of fast, imported fashion is the ultimate bonus.”
Jim Kelly, Macmasters Beach

“We’re loving living in MAWDE! In fact, everything else feels decidedly uncomfortable!”
Tim Foote, NSW

“Great service, seriously comfortable gear. I bought the Roam pants and the Roam sweat, can’t recommend them highly enough”
Travis Miller, QLD

“The clothes have been amazing, incredibly comfortable for lounging around the house and they look great to wear out and about”
Caroline Morton, NSW

"I am delighted with my Lucid Tee. It is so soft, it feels amazing on, the fit is great. I am pleased to understand how much work as gone into producing it sustainability - well Done MAWDE."
Joe Sprange, NSW

“I am very happy with the MAWDE clothes I recently ordered online. In particular the Roam pants and walker shorts fit really well and are super soft and comfy to wear at home or out and about. The fact that they are sustainably produced in Australia is an added bonus.”
Jo Reynolds, Victoria

“Fun colour, stylish and really comfortable to wear. Love my new MAWDE sweat”
Adi Gale, WA


At MAWDE we think stating our purpose and mission up front is a sure-fire way to tell our customers that we mean business.

We exist to enhance peoples lives with breathable, versatile, responsibly-made gear that gives back to the planet.

Our mission is to help you feel incredible inside and out, with better clothes not more of them. So you'll find that our threads deliver double the comfort, double the style.


sloungewear [mass noun] casual, comfortable clothing suitable for sleeping, socialising, and lounging in

Mawdacious [adjective] a confidence or willingness to appear bold.

pyjam à trois [noun] when the same outfit is worn to bed, brunch and beyond.

stride of pride [informal noun] the opposite to walk of shame, a confident manner of appearing in public, typically dressed in the same clothes as the previous evening.

MAWDE Maker [noun] a person involved in the considered creation and curation of MAWDE clothing

slounge [verb] a state of great relaxation and wellbeing which occurs in bed, at home, or in the company of friends. eg. ‘What r u up to’ ‘Nm, slounging. U?’

napsule wardrobe [mass noun] a curated selection of garments, harmonised in their multipurpose nature, to be worn to bed as well as in and out of the home.

softwear [mass noun] clothing that is both comfortable and forward-thinking in its design and fabrication.

wane-able [adjective] the capacity for a product to diminish. eg. Like the moon’s cycles, the wanability of their wardrobe was the opposite of sustainable.


Not only is bamboo more sustainable and resource-friendly than organic cotton and linen, it’s silky smooth, breathable, biodegradable and naturally hypoallergenic.



We have big plans for MAWDE.

We want you (and everyone you know) to consider us as the most inspiring clothing brand in the world – and it all begins with a sustainable approach to people, process, and product.

Our people

Healthy, collaborative working conditions make for happier people and better results. So we put a great deal of time and effort into identifying suppliers and makers that uphold these values.

Our process

To reduce our impact on the environment, all MAWDE clothes are mailed out in biodegradable corn starch bags, wrapped in FSC-certified tissue paper, with 100% recycled paper swing tags. But, we're always seeking improved ways of working, from closed-loop production methods, through to smarter packaging.

Our product

We make clothes that are multipurpose and every wear is as comfortable as the first. Each MAWDE piece is made from resource-efficient Sofcel Bamboo™ that, when you're eventually ready to part with, will biodegrade more readily than regular clothes.


When you slip our buttery soft threads over your body, you'll soon understand why we're so obsessed with Sofcel Bamboo™ our bespoke bamboo lyocell material.

The process

To make this miracle thread, the bamboo is crushed into a fluffy pulp before being dissolved into a fine fibre for spinning into yarn. This yarn is woven into the super soft fabric we know and love - that only gets better with age.

Good things take work

While this natural fibre may be harder for our makers to work with than regular textiles, it’s much better for the environment. Closed-loop production methods ensure that solutions used to dissolve bamboo pulp get reused and recycled. So while this isn’t the easiest or cheapest way to do things, it’s the better way – and you can feel the difference.

Moisture wicking

The fibre structure of our Sofcel Bamboo™ draws moisture away from the body, sending sweaty patches packing.


Did you know that bamboo carries natural deodorising properties? Perfect for disguising particularly spicy scents during lunch break strolls and yoga classes.


Wear more and wash less. Bamboo’s natural antibacterial properties mean you can repeat outfits and sleep soundly knowing your threads cultivate comfort, not bacteria.


Cool, calm, and collected. We chose bamboo as our material MVP for its long list of strengths.

It’s one of the most renewable resources on earth, growing abundantly and organically (no pesky pesticides necessary) using a fraction of the amount of water it takes to grow cotton.

It’s socially supportive of small farming communities, requiring less land to yield a good crop.

When weaved into yarn, bamboo's hollow fibre structures give it that smooth, silky, breathable quality we adore in our outfits.

Naturally thermoregulating and hypoallergenic, it keeps you cooler and drier than most threads, and won’t upset sensitive skin.