Better for the environment and better for people too

by Fine Thought

If you’re anything like us, your personal style may have become a little more relaxed over the past year. More time at home, fewer reasons to go out, a schedule packed with Zoom meetings, a lockdown or two – who can really blame you if comfort has become a top priority, even as things return to a ‘new normal’?

We’re the MVP of better Zzz’s

A good day starts with a great night’s sleep, and MAWDE has been specifically designed with good sleep (and mighty fine looks) in mind. 

Staying cool at night – in terms of temperature, not style (but we’ll come back to that, too) – is key to helping your body understand that it’s time to shut down for some shut-eye. While keeping your room temperature on the cooler side (around 18 degrees Celsius, according to the experts at The Sleep Foundation) can help you regulate your temperature during the night, if you’re wearing the wrong gear, you might find yourself more sticky or sweaty than sleepy. Our bespoke Sofcel Bamboo™ is naturally thermo-regulating and hypoallergenic, so it keeps you cooler and drier than most threads, and won’t upset sensitive skin. Dreamy.

We’ve also paid extra-attention to all the little details, from the way our seams face and fit together, the smooth neck taping, and even the length of different cuts to ensure tees don’t creep or crawl when they really shouldn’t. All of these thoughtful features culminate in the utmost comfort during your horizontal hours, no matter which position you prefer. (In our case, lying flat, with our toes placed ever so slightly above the doona.)

 Cool, comfortable and carefree – now that’s what dreams are made of.

Camera on will be your new default when WFH

Now you’ve had an exceptional 8 hours in bed, you’re ready to tackle the day and make the big move to… the room next door?

We won’t judge you if you’ve been secretly wearing no-pants during conference calls, but maybe you won’t mind them as much when you see how comfy the right kind of pants can be. Plus, no more worrying about having to find your pants if you need to make a coffee run to fuel your productivity.

It’s all about that bodacious Sofcel Bamboo™, our signature fabric that will have you shunning anything else against your skin (except for a midas-touched lover, of course).

Our dreamy boo, Sofcel Bamboo™

We’re mildly obsessed (okay plenty obsessed) with bamboo, too – seriously, this plant is such an overachiever it’s kind of intimidating. Not only is it one of the most renewable resources on earth, but it uses a fraction of the amount of water and space used to grow cotton, no pesticides necessary. It’s simple, MAWDE is made of material with the environmental creds to be a truly modern fabric; working for your immediate future (literally, for whatever you’re doing tonight) and for our collective future. We love that for us.

As amazing as bamboo is, we wanted to help it reach its full potential. So what is Sofcel Bamboo™ and why is it so special? Here’s the low down on this incredible fabric. 

To make this miracle thread, the bamboo is crushed into a fluffy pulp before being dissolved into a fine fibre for spinning into yarn. This yarn is woven into the super soft fabric we know and love - that only gets better with age.

Be sure to check out the other reasons why bamboo is so close to our hearts (and always on our skin).