What's The Big Deal With Versatile Clothing?

by John Gutteridge

Many of us are spending more time at home these days, or at least spending less time getting ready to leave the house. So if our lives are a lot more loungey, why are we making such a big deal about versatility? Is versatile clothing really so important when we’re going less places?

What is the true meaning of versatile clothing?

What do we mean when we talk about versatile clothing? Well, fellow MAWDEsters, let us clue you in.

Versatile clothes are multipurpose pieces that you can use during the day or the night, from casual hangs to more dressed up affairs, and of course the pieces we ritually steal from our partner’s clothing pile and claim as our own. They’re the opposite of those items you’d usually buy for a single special occasion, that are uncomfortable or unwearable-unless-worn-with-that-one-pair-of-shoes, that go out of style practically by the time you get the tags off.

And since the elite clique of the Big Fashion have decided that comfort is finally cool, your style creds won’t suffer for investing in versatility. Plus, as it turns out, versatile clothing has a pretty incredible impact on your wellbeing (stick with us here).

Make every day easier on your mind

Have you ever heard of decision fatigue? It’s the theory that our brains can only handle making so many decisions every day, and as we make more throughout the day, the quality of our decision-making deteriorates. It’s why great minds like Mark Zuckerberg and the late Steve Jobs famously opted to wear a ‘uniform’ every day; taking the decision of what to wear off their to-do list, frees up their mental bandwidth to make the important decisions. 

And it’s not just tech guys whose sense of style might not be as strong as their other skill sets that see the benefit in opting for versatile options. Many style icons have a go-to look – think Vera Wang with her tunics and leggings, Audrey Hepburn in her cigarette pants, button-downs and ballet flats, or even Anna Wintour with her big sunglasses and shift dresses.  

Now, we’re not going to judge you if your daily decisions don’t involve society-altering technology, but we know you’ve got important stuff on your mind. And if you’ve ever looked at your closet, thought ugh what am I going to wear today and felt kind of bummed out that you have to think about it, then you’ve experienced decision fatigue. We just hope that the decisions you made later on that day weren’t too compromised because you had to figure out what to wear (been there).

That’s one of the reasons why we created MAWDE. We exist to make your everyday that little bit better, with clothing to take you from bed to brunch, coffee dates to conference calls, with extreme comfort, a clean conscience, and flawless confidence. While you probably won’t want to stay in the same clothes all day and all night – even the incredible antibacterial and deodorising properties of our Sofcel BambooTM might need a breather after an all-day shift keeping your style creds in check – you can mix and match our multi-purpose MAWDEwear to create a slew of styles to carry you through the day and switch it up in the evening.

The easy choice is also the ethical choice

From sleepwear to gym gear, ‘uniforms’, and ‘after-five’ attire, you might find yourself cycling through three or four outfits a day without considering the hefty environmental load attached to it.

It all adds up, from having to wash a larger load of dirty clothes, which uses precious water, to less-obvious impacts such as the manufacturing, packaging and freighting those outfits into your wardrobe vs one versatile outfit.

If you’ve got ambitions to be an ethical and sustainably-minded consumer – which we all should be, so five gold stars for you – then prioritising versatility, quality and longevity of your threads (and the literal threads they are made of) should be top of mind. A high-quality top or bottom that you can wear to more places more often, made from materials that are produced in a sustainable manner, is a much better choice than something hyper-trendy that you only wear once (or twice) before banishing it to the back of your closet.

MAWDE is versatile clothing for the future

We’re super proud of our product, and we’ve invested heavily in weaving our values tightly into the fibre of our clothes and our business.

Our biggest priority is designing threads that feel amazing, and making sure we do the right thing by our people and planet when we create them. MAWDE is locally owned and made, helping to nurture Australian craftsmanship, create jobs and keep our locals in business. We’ve even created our very own signature Sofcel Bamboo™ to bring you gear that’ll never rub you or your ethics the wrong way. It’s super soft and super sustainable – made from the world’s most resource-friendly material; you guessed it, bamboo.

Join us in making a world of difference every day, wherever you are, wearing MAWDE.